Acquisition Strategy
building a category leader

Our strategy is to use the Initial Business Combination as a platform to build a category leader with a durable long-term growth opportunity. We plan to pursue a combination with a well-established platform and are particularly focused on technology-enabled, information-driven healthcare companies. We intend focus on combining with a company that provides a robust operating and technology infrastructure, a strong management team and an established client base to support sustainable organic growth and strategic add-on acquisitions. Our objective will be to build an integrated, comprehensive platform that is well positioned to enjoy sustained organic growth and pursue category leadership through acquisition and superior execution.

emphasis will be on opportunities

Our emphasis will be on opportunities within the digital care journey, virtual care / telehealth, and personalized medicine market segments, where the need for innovative technology, data and information solutions, stakeholder collaboration and consumer engagement are highest, and where the competitive landscapes are most fragmented.

Tech-enabled, information-driven

Tech-enabled and information-driven healthcare innovators will continue to benefit as healthcare stakeholders are increasingly investing in digital-first solutions to transform service delivery, enhance the value proposition and improve financial performance. The pressure to adopt these innovative technologies will continue to accelerate as healthcare providers and payors continue to evolve call centers, physical clinical interactions, analogue engagement and uncoordinated processes towards digital collaboration and engagement to provide better, more efficient care. In addition, the rapidly developing value-based care payment models are accelerating the need for technology systems that can provide data-driven insights and information liquidity.

well aligned opportunities

We intend to pursue opportunities that are well aligned with the foundational goals of value-based care, including optimizing the appropriateness of treatment, access to the system, and the cost and quality of individual care, all of which we believe will have long-term benefits under the many potential scenarios of healthcare evolution. We believe business models that enhance value for one stakeholder solely at the expense of another, or that potentially increase overall cost to the healthcare system, may ultimately face growth and/or margin pressures as U.S. healthcare continues its evolution toward value-based care market structures.

Competitive Differentiation DETAILS